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The Langholm Picture Archive database is posted and maintained by the Langholm Archive Group which is a Scottish Charity (SC039816).

It may be contacted by mail at:

Wauchope Cottage, Wauchope Street, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway DG13 0AY
or by e-mail at


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Some notes on the database to help searchers

The Langholm Archive group was formed partly to take care of a large collection of local photographs assembled by George Irving. These photographs were for the most part photocopied by George and stuck on hardboard. On the back of these boards he put what information he could find. Sometimes he found his original information was wrong and he updated it. Unfortunately he did not always remove the first photo from the collection and so we often have several copies of the same photo but with different information on the back. Wherever possible we have tried to put the correct information with the photograph but there is no guarantee that the information accompanying the photographs is absolutely correct. The photographs have been scanned from George's copies which means that the quality is variable.

Other people have offered their photographs for scanning to the group and these will added to the database as they become available

The information with the photographs comes in three parts: (a) the number of the photograph for reference. (b) a date, where available, for the photograph itself. (c) a description of the contents of the photograph where available.

The photographs have also been indexed by category (houses, bridges, industries etc).

You can therefore search for photographs by date, by content (any word in the description field) or by category. You can search by just one of these fields (category for instance) or by using any combination of the three. Entering "bridges" in the category and 18 in the date box would find any entry in the bridges category date 1800 to 1899 (and, but this can't be helped, any one dated 1918). Any word in the description field will be found in any form so searching for "moss" would bring up entries including "Tarras Moss" for example and "Mosspaul". If you are interested in particular people or places, try putting the name in the description field.

We hope you enjoy looking at our collection and if you have any queries or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.

The photographs in the collection should not be reproduced without the express permission of Langholm Archive Group